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BISCARDI CREATIVE MEDIA is an award-winning media creation company in Atlanta.  Storytelling is our passion built from our strong documentary roots and encompassing all media from video to print to web to live events.   Quite simply we’re the people who make video and media production easy for you.   No technobabble.  Just clear, concise and creative content delivered where and how you need it, on time and on budget.

Agency: Bridgestone Golf “Explosive Speed”

Education: Water Science With Wade!

Series: Victoria Stilwell’s “Arson Dogs”

Product Launch: Mueller Systems “mobileRDM”

Lifestyle: “Southern Scoops”

Series, Animation: Good Eats “Peachy Keen”

PSA: Fix Georgia Pets

Lifestyle: “The Book Nook” with Daryn Kagan

Documentary: Foul Water, Fiery Serpent

Marketing: We Are Your Navy Blue Angels

Lifestyle: Fork U “Beervana”

Agency: Atlanta Hawks 360 Open

Agency: New Orleans Hornets “I’m In”

Series: This American Land

Retrospective: Atlanta Business League 80 Years.

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I worked with Walter Biscardi, Jr. at CNN and I’m still working with him, 20+ years later.  He’s a creative genius, a producer and editor wrapped in one person with the best eye in the business.  | Jennifer Skiff, Author, The Divinity of Dogs  

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Some places where you can see our work.

Video Production Atlanta

Digital, Video and Film

World-renowned production services in the field or studio along with full editorial and post production services.  Our team is known for its storytelling including feature documentaries, episodics, lifestyle and reality / news programming that airs worldwide.

Video Production Atlanta

Communications & Marketing

There’s no better sales and communications tool than video.  Trade show, product launch, internal and external communications, politics, websites and more.  Our creative team is one of the best in the industry at delivering your message, your story with maximum impact.

Video Production Atlanta

Training and Safety

Video ensures that everyone on your team receives the exact same safety and training protocols fostering a more efficient workplace.  Our team will develop a customized training and safety program to bring out the best in your workforce.

Some clients we’re proud to serve:

At BCM, our team has created a wide range of video and digital media productions and offer a wide range of video production services for a global clientele from our Atlanta, Georgia home base.   Original Broadcast Television Series, TV Pilot, Safety Training, Interactive Training, Web Series and Pilot, Book Trailer, Human Resources Policy, Employee Retention, Trade Show Booth and Video Marketing, Sizzle Reel, Employee Recognition, Recruitment, Educational, Documentary, Independent Film, Sports Marketing and Demonstration, Museum / Public Venue, Feature Film, Infographic, Health and Wellness, Fitness, Cooking and Food Preparation, Food Safety, Casino Dealer Training and Security, Science and Technology, Space and Space Flight and Animal Training to name a few.

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