Maxx Digital improves Ethernet SAN

Briefly from the Maxx Digital booth today They’re showing off a new 10 gig ethernet SAN that removes many of the issues that have slowed down this method and Apple’s Ethernet controller changes. Also we can now have one SAN that serves both super high speed needs such as 4k and the Ethernet based ProRes workflow off one media pool.

Basically you send one 10 gig cable to an ethernet switch that feeds all your workstations, much like you do now. Only it’s just one very fast cable instead of multiple ethernets like currently used. You’ll get around 100MB/sec to all the workstations connected That way

But you can also direct connect multiple workstations to the RAID so those would get 300MB/s.

So we could run the SAN as we do now and also add higher speeds to our Davinci Resolve system all from the same RAID. Right now we need to use a local storage connected to the resolve for the higher speeds This new concept is definitely a huge improvement

Stop by Maxx’s booth to see it.

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