NAB 2011 – What I’m looking at

In alphabetical order, these are some of the booths and folks I’ll be visiting with during NAB this year. Some you’ve heard of and I’m sure there’s a few you haven’t. Found all of these through the neat NABShow App for iPhone. Very cool little app…

5 Alarm Music: SL7612 Music LIbrary

615 Music: SL9615 Music Library

Acoustical Solutions: C7122 Sound treatments. We need some more dampening in some of our rooms.

Active Storage, Inc.: SL5225 RAID solutions for video editing.

Adobe Systems: SL3320 Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop demos.

AJA Video: SL4420 Must see the Great Nick Rashby, and check out the various new updates / products.

Altermedia, Inc.: SL7423 Get some updated information on Studio Suite 9, our facility management system.

APM Music: SL8811 Music Library

ARRI Inc.: C4337 Look over the Alexa and the Post workflow

Artbeats: SU2408 Awesome stock footage.

ATTO Technology: SL2510 Super fast Host Bus Adapters for media storage RAIDs

Auralex Acoustics, Inc.: SL8810 Sound treatments and their first time at the show.

Automatic Duck: SL3327J Interchange software between FCP, Avid and others. Makes all our lives easier.

Avid: SU902 Check out the info on the Cross Grade and their path moving forward.

The Bakery: SL10008 3D software developers. Their description sounded intriguing.

Bella Corporation: SL1410 Makers of keyboards, skins and other accessories for editing.

BlackMagic Design: SL220 Davinci Resolve updates.

Boris FX / Media 100: SL5723 Boris FX updates.

Bubblebee Industries: C1054 high end windhoods for microphones. One of those little things where a good one can really make life easier in Post.

Cache-A Corp: SL8209 Archive solutions for digital media storage.

Canon USA: C4325 Some of the best lenses in the business.

CineRaid: SL10005 High speed storage solutions.

CineToys / GearNex: C7221 Ok I was drawn in by the name but they look like they provide some neat accessories for field and studio production.

Cool-Lux: C7239 Lighting equipment

CUK Hing Industries: C11537 LED Lighting

Dashwood Cinema Solutions: C10514D3 3D solution for Final Cut Pro

Discover Video: SL7629 Video encoding software

Disk Archive Corp: N3719 Media archiving

Divergent Media: SL10811 Makers of ClipWrap. I’ll be checking out ScopeBox.

Dot Hill Systems: SL10906 Claim to have faster, shared storage.

F&V LED lighting: C2852 LED lighting, of course. :)

Film Chest Inc: SU2307 Archival film library of classic and older films

FilmLight: SL7920 Makers of Baselight with the newly announced Final Cut Pro Plug-In.

FirstCom Music: SL8715 Music Library

Flanders Scientific: SL10010 My favorite monitors and they have some new updates.

The Foundry: SL5625 Awesome plug-ins for After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Avid and more.

Hollywood Edge: SL8513 Incredible sound fx library

JMR Electronics: SL8529 RAID solutions for video editing

John Lennon Educational Bus: C5 Patio (outside) How can I NOT go check this out portable recording studio….

Killer Tracks: SL7615 Music library

Kino Flo Lighting Systems: C3743 Lighting

LaCie: SL8526 Rugged Drives

Litepanels Inc: C6025 LED Lighting

logic keyboard: SL7623 Silicon covers for keyboards.

Maxx Digital: SL7412 High speed RAIDs for video editing among other things.

Microboards Technology: SL7412 DVD / CD duplication / printing

MusicBox: SL8609 Music library

nVidia: SL2728 Graphics cards for Mac and PC

OmniMusic: SL8910 Music Library

Patriot Solar Group: OE2351 Solar powered, environmental friendly products including generators and such. I’m always looking for environmentally friendly, forward thinking companies.

Plug In Pavillion: SL3327E Grouping of a bunch of plug-in developers for AE, FCP and others. SL7413 Stock footage and they are giving away a bunch of footage during the show!

Rimage Corp: SL5920 High end DVD / BluRay duplicators / Printers.

Rorke Data: SL9126 High speed RAID’s for video. Also the new home of my old friend Don McDonnel whom I’ve known since his Medéa days.

Shutterstock: SL7710 Stock footage

Small Tree Communications: SL10505 High speed media arrays, networking and shared storage.

Smart TP: C4046 They promise an ultra light teleprompter.

Square Box Systems: C4046 Makers of CatDV, the media cataloguing software that we use.

Tiffen: C8818 “Fly” steadicam product for the iPhone among others.

Well that’s some of the folks I’m hoping to catch up with. See you around the show floor!

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