Moving 2nd season and a new series to Avid Media Composer 6

After lots of testing and comparing, we’ve made the decision to move two original series to Avid Media Composer 6.   PBS series “This American Land” is starting up Season Two next week and in about a month or so we’ll be kicking off a new original reality series.

Over the past for months or so, I’ve had one of my editors working primarily in Adobe CS 5.5 with  another working in Avid Media Composer 6 to really see how they operated in all sorts of situations.   Short stories, longer form, news features, etc…   My editors and I struggled to come up with a definitive answer as to which we should use for “This American Land” as that’s the first broadcast series to fire up for us again since we dropped Final Cut Pro.

What it really came down to is just how well Avid Media Composer works with our existing Final Cut Pro infrastructure.   Mac Pros with AJA Kona boards connected to a Small Tree Communications 48TB shared storage system.   It’s interesting because as many of you know, Avid required their own hardware until just this past November.   As I reported previously in my article, Avid’s software works incredibly well with all our third party hardware.   Even the shared storage works brilliantly without any sort of Avid / Unity based control.

Despite what people report and the industry wants us to believe, Tape is far from dead in our workflow.  We have shooters who still have beautiful cameras that shoot tape and of course we have to master everything to HDCAM for delivery.  Tape controls are just so rock solid with Avid, even better and more precise than we ever had with FCP.

So ultimately both myself and my editors felt most comfortable moving our broadcast workflow for these two shows over to Media Composer 6.   We’ll certainly keep y’all updated on how things roll as we move forward.

Me setting up Avid in our shop, never thought THAT would happen!

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