Foul Water Fiery Serpent Film Festival Screenings

Foul Water Fiery Serpent is out on the Film Festival Circuit in the U.S.  We’ll keep updating this page as screening locations and times are announced. UPDATED SEPTEMBER 10, 2010 Big Bear Lake Film Festival: Big Bear Lake, California Screening Date: Friday, Sept 17th.    Time: 10:30am.    Location: Village Theatre North, located at 602 …


My visit to Flanders Scientific

So last week I had the opportunity to go visit the guys at Flanders Scientific. A few weeks ago I noted that there is a hardware update for folks like me who own the LM-2450W monitor.  This monitor was discontinued last year, but FSI has done something I’ve never heard of before from any company. …


eSATA to USB adapter

We’re setting up CatDV as our new media database and part of that, I wanted to utilize an older MaxxDigital 2 drive array that only has eSATA connections.   We’re hooking up to a 21″ iMac which has no eSATA connectivity so we started looking around for some sort of adapters. We found a spiffy hub …


BCM_Construction_Day 36: Setting the forms

Now we can really start to see the building in place.   Metal Building Associates yesterday laid down the forms that show the outer edges of the building and they dug out the footings. “Time Lapse” view 1 looking back.   You can see the right side and back of the building formed up. “Time Lapse” view …


BCM_Construction_Day 21: Pad is set!

Joe and I headed on over to check out the site again today as we were told the grading is finished.   Sure enough, the site looks great! “Time Lapse” position one.  You can see the nice flat, level area on the back of the lot where the building will sit. “Time Lapse” position two.  Pipes …


Movie day at BCM!

I keep saying that you need to make sure you have fun in your life. Well Rebecca and I surprised the entire team with lunch and a movie on Friday. Every Friday I take the team and whomever is in the office out to lunch. It’s just something I like to do and it’s fun …


Converting NTSC HD to PAL HD

We’re based in the U.S. so naturally the majority of our work is produced and finished in the NTSC standard. But sometimes we get requests to finish and even produce projects in the PAL standard for European distribution. There are several ways to do this, with software or hardware.