Updated February 2, 2017

We’re updating the equipment and furniture list, in particular we’ve added the full ProTools 5.1 Sound Design system along with the Genelec 5.1 monitoring system.  We will have MUCH more coming up on here over the next week both furniture and electronic equipment so stay tuned.

Cash, Check and Credit Card all accepted for payment.  If items need to be shipped, you will be charged the shipping fees before we ship.  All items sold “as is” with no warranty offered or implied.  All sales final so please be sure to research the item before purchasing.

To purchase or to schedule a visit to the facility, call the office at 770-271-3427 or email walter (at) biscardicreative.com.   Full equipment list is below the gallery.  We’ll update that list as quickly and remove items from the gallery as they sell.

This list will be continuously updated as we sell and add more items.

  • Flanders Scientific LM-2460W Monitor
    BCM Price: $1500 ea
    We have two units remaining.

    The Flanders Scientific 2460W features full 10 bit video processing, but the added CFE board provides the LM-2460W with a 3D LUT Matrix that is 128 times larger than the basic 3D LUT on the LM-2450W.  The monitor features all the inputs and quality that FSI is known for.   Flanders also offers lifetime calibration of the monitor free of charge (user pays shipping to/from FSI.   We’ve used these monitors for editorial and color grading both broadcast and web-based programming.

    These monitors were essentially upgraded to the 2461W specs with a CFE software update.




  • ProTools HD Native + HD Omni 5.1 System
    Make Offer
    ProTools HD Native 5.1 System including:

    Apple Mac Pro (3,1) 2.8 Quad Core, 16GB RAM, ATI Radeon HD 5870


    ProTools | HD Native + HD OMNI Bundle


    Blackmagic Design Video Card


    Original Price was $5700 for the ProTools HD Native + Omni Bundle.


    Original Price was $4700 for the Apple Mac Pro   


  • Genelec 8030.LSE Power Pak - 5.1 System
    Genelec 8030.LSE Power Pak – 5.1 System – Five 8030As and one 7060B subwoofer. Black Finish.  With wall mounts for the 8030As.

    Original price was $5500


    Currently priced at $6030  https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/8030LSE




  • AJA IoXT Capture and Playback
    $500 each
    The Io XT from AJA is a professional 3G-SDI/HDMI capture & playback device that serves as an editing solution for Macs equipped with Thunderbolt ports. With extensive I/O choices including 4:4:4 RGB, dual Thunderbolt ports for ultra-fast (up to 10 Gb/s) connections to both an editing suite and a storage device, and hardware-based up/down/cross conversion for HD and SD formats, this portable device is a strong choice for directing video- and audio-signal traffic into and out of your Mac editing computer – whether a desktop system or a Thunderbolt-enabled MacBook Pro.

    The Io XT has dual 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs and two such outputs; these pairs can also be used for dual-link 4:4:4 RGB I/O. Supported 10-bit formats of that type include 1080i, 1080p, 1080PsF, and 720p. The device can also convert between 4:4:4 and 4:2:2 to set up single-link HD-SDI monitoring and output.

    The Io XT features a 10-bit, broadcast-quality motion-adaptive up/down/cross conversion, from HD to SD and vice versa, as well as between 1080 and 720 HD formats – even at filmic 23.98 frame rates involving progressive segmented frames (720p23.98 to 1080PsF/23.98). All conversion is hardware-based, so it’s available always for either ingest or playback.

    Price New is $1495 each.



  • SPL MTC - 5.1 Monitor & Talkback Controller
    SPL MTC – 5.1 Monitor & Talkback Controller, Model #SMC 2489

    Manage your monitors, compare multiple input sources, and communicate with your artists with the SPL MTC monitor and talkback controller. The all-analog design of the MTC gives you far better audio quality than making volume adjustments in the digital realm, like through your DAW for instance. And with a generous array of inputs and outputs, you’ll be impressed at how much control you have from this compact desktop unit.  If you take your monitoring quality seriously, you should check out what the SPL MTC can do for your control room.

    Price New: $999  




  • Grace Designs m103 - single channel preamp

    Grace Designs m103 – single channel preamp/DI/EQ/ compressor


    With the m103, Grace Designs has combined some of their finest transformerless circuitry to release a channel strip that meets their extreme criteria of high-headroom, intricate detail, and immaculate clarity. The m103 comes complete with a three-band equalizer, and optical compressor, and comprehensive I/O options that let you access the preamplifier and equalizer/compression sections independently, so your options are far from limited. The compressor controls of two m103s can even be linked to allow for stereo applications. And since it’s from Grace Designs, you can expect their signature neutral transparency out of the m103 channel strip.


    Grace Designs m103 at a Glance:


        • The lucid transparency of transformerless design keeps the mix clean


        • A complete equalizer and compressor section lets you tune your sound


        • Comprehensive I/O options allow for creative applications



    The lucid transparency of transformerless design keeps the mix clean

    Grace Designs approached the m103 by using their legendary m101 transformerless microphone preamplifier circuity. The m103 includes a 75Hz highpass filter and 48V phantom power, as well as Grace’s exclusive ribbon mic mode to better accommodate the relatively low impedance and resulting low output of most ribbon microphones. Ultimately, the signal-path remains untainted from most noise and yields a truly musical character.

    A complete equalizer and compressor section lets you tune your sound

    The m103 features both a three-band equalizer and an optical compressor for maximum control over your sound. The equalizer is based around single-stage parallel tuning for a natural and musical tone at all frequencies. It features a fully parametric mid-range control, as well as shelving and peak modes for the high and low bands. The optical compressor circuit provides gentle limiting to fairly heavy compression without adding excessive coloration, so you can use it with a heavy hand and not worry about distortion. With the push of a button, you can switch the order of the equalizer and compressor, and you can also link the compressors of two units for stereo applications.

    Comprehensive I/O options allow for creative applications

    The microphone and equalizer/compressor sections of the m103 are independently accessible. This allows you to gain access to capitalize on the transparent preamplifier and take full advantage of a heavily colored external dynamics unit. Conversely, you can also run a heavily colored preamplifier into the neutral dynamics section of the m103 and compress the signal without adding additional color.

    Price New: $1795  https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/m103


  • Anthro Fit Workstation Console
    REDUCED: $500___Price New: $1099
    I have two of these Consoles.   This item will not be shipped, for local Atlanta area pickup only.

    Multiple monitors? The Console has you covered! A full array of displays fits easily across its cockpit design, and wraps around you for comfortable viewing. Enjoy the health benefits of a standing desk: The keyboard shelf raises, lowers, and tilts with the squeeze of a paddle. Add Extension Tubes and an Additional Shelf for even more equipment above (available at anthro.com).   The wrap-around design of the Console is perfect for lining up multiple monitors for easy viewing. With an overall depth of 39”, you can spread out your equipment with plenty of elbow room left over. The adjustable shelf holds more than just your keyboard. There’s space for your tablet too!

    With a gentle squeeze of the paddle, the manually-adjustable, spring-assisted keyboard shelf rises 7″ above and 6″ below the rear stationary surface it attaches to, for a variety of sitting or standing positions. (The rear stationary surface can be installed at any height in 1” intervals along the legs.) The front surface also tilts 15° negative (away from you) or 9° positive (towards you) to ease wrist strain. Extremely sturdy, the front keyboard shelf holds up to 40 lbs.



  • Presonus HP60 6 channel headphone mixing system
    Each of the HP60’s six headphone amps has its own level control and is loud enough to drive the alligators out of the Louisiana swamps. And the HP60 lets you customize each mix. In addition to the two pairs of main stereo inputs, you get an external stereo input with level control, mono, and mute for each headphone channel. So you can send each musician a feed of just their instrument or voice and can control the level separately for each.

    The HP60 features two sets of line-level, stereo inputs that are routed to all six headphones and a Mix control that sets relative levels for each headphone output. So you can feed the main control-room mix to channel A, feed the click signal to channel B, and use the Mix controls to individually raise or lower the click relative to the main mix for each musician.

    Price New: $299  


  • KRK Rokit 5 Audio Monitors
    I have one set of 2 monitors.  



  • Gefen Cat 5/6 DVI and USB Extenders
    $500 ea
    Gefen Cat 6 DVI + USB Extenders. 

    Allows 2 DVI monitors and USB devices to work up to 200 feet away from the computer.  We used these in every edit suite and the ProTools rooms keeping the computers in the machine room allowing silence in the edit and sound rooms.


    We have two different configurations of these extenders as they were purchased at various times.  The 5500 Series features two units (Send and Receive) that have 2 DVI and 4 USB onboard.  


    The other configuration are 2 sets of Mini DVI extenders (Send and Receive) along with a set of Smart USB extenders. This mini configuration only sends one USB line from the Computer to the user, but you can install a powered USB Hub at the user end to connect multiple USB devices to the computer.  It MUST be a powered hub or you’ll only be able to use one USB device.


    We have at least 2 sets and possibly up to 5 sets of these.


    Pricing is for one compete set of extenders – 2 DVI Monitors + 1 USB Extension 


  • Sony M15U HDV VTR (DV, DVCAM, HDV)
    BCM Price: $250 ea.
    We have one unit left

    The Sony HVR-M15U is an HDV format VTR ideally used with desktop editing workstations. It includes a stand and can be mounted vertically; a great space-saving feature. The modest frame is deceiving as this VTR performs a wide range of professional applications. The deck can play back both NTSC/PAL signals, as well as 720p30. The unit records Sony’s 1080i HDV as well as DV and DVCAM. High definition can be recorded with either Mini DV tapes or the larger standard size cassettes for record times up to 276 minutes in HDV and DV mode.

    Multiple Formats 
    The deck is capable of playing back DV, DVCAM and HDV signals. This added versatility allows for legacy playback of archived footage.
    Extended Record Times 
    The deck can support standard size cassettes for extended record times. Archiving and longer projects can be recorded with ease. Record up to 276 minutes of HDV or DV footage and up to 184 of DVCAM footage on one tape.
    NTSC/PAL Switchable 
    The VTR can record both NTSC and PAL standard definition signals. This added flexibility can be important when mastering for different regions. 
    Go Vertical 
    Unlike many decks, the HVR-M15U’s tape transport can be positioned vertically without any damage to the cassette. Have you ever wished you could stick that last piece of equipment into the useless nook in the corner? Well, with this compact VTR, you can! Just use the provided stand and you’re ready to go.


  • Road Ready 3 Piece Rolling Road Case
    BCM Price: $550___Price New: $954
    BCM ID #0871

    This is being sold as a complete 3 piece kit that includes the Road Ready RR6WD Heavy Duty Rolling Case, the Road Ready RRM10U Mixer Case with 10RU in front and another 10RU along the top, and a Road Ready Utility Case 23 x 21 x 10.   This was used for remote editing and color grading.

    The Heavy Duty Rolling Case opens up with adjustable compartments to house wiring, keyboards and the like.  The RRM10U interlocks into the rolling case.   We used to have a Mac Pro inside (with the handles hacked off) and a Fibre Channel Media Storage Array inside.   The Utility Case is a stand alone case that we used to house a 17″ computer monitor.



  • GizMac XRack Pro (equipment hush box)
    BCM Price: $100___Price New: $599
    BCM ID #0933

    XRackPro server rack from GizMac Accessories, LLC is an industry standard 19 inch rack, that measures (48.2 cm) width. Based on a 4 post rack, the XRackPro can mount most all computer servers, RAID storage, network switches and routers, audio video gear and any other rackmount equipment. The GizMac XRackPro2 server rack or enclosure cabinets have the features of other racks on the market plus noise reduction, air filtration, added security and mobility.


  • Microboards Professional BluRay Duplicator
    MicroBoards Professional BluRay Duplicator featuring 2 BluRay Burners and an on-board Hard Drive.  Transfer your project to the hard drive and duplicate 2 BluRay discs at a time.  Can also duplicate disc to disc.

    Excellent machine, some superficial scratches on the top cover.



  • Microboards Professional DVD Duplication Tower
    Microboards Professional Duplication Tower with 6 DVD Burners, 1 DVD Reader and 1 Hard Drive.  Burn 6 discs at a time from the on-board hard drive or via from the DVD Reader.

    Excellent machine and fast.