“As technology rapidly advances and post production becomes more and more powerful, the old saying, “The cameraman is king” no longer applies. The editor is king. And Biscardi Creative Media is without doubt the king of kings. Creative. Technical. Passionate. For my post production needs there’s only one choice: Biscardi Creative Media.”Tyrone M. Edwards, Director of Photography,  Jumping Jellyfish Productions, Inc.

This Gallery contains a vast array of our video production samples.  In some cases our BCM team did the entire project script to screen while in other cases our team collaborated with extremely talented Producers and agencies.  We’re proud that our work has been a part of nearly every major award including the Emmy and Peabody Awards.  If you’d like to know more about anything you see here, please feel free to call or email us with the contact information below.   

Marketing and Messaging

Agency: Bridgestone Golf “Explosive Speed”

Mueller Systems: mobileRDM Product Launch

Atlanta Business League: 80th Retrospective

Promo: We Are Your US Navy Blue Angels

Promo: Gwinnett Great Days of Service

Meeting Opener: Hire Dynamics BizTown

Recruiting: Modern Manufacturing

Promo / Demo: Astrogentix

Broadcast and Web Series

Water Science With Wade!  Elementary School Science

Victoria Stilwell: Arson Dogs Trailer

Victoria Stilwell: Arson Dogs Episode 1

Contemporary Living Network: Piccolo Chef Pizza Party

Contemporary Living Network: Fork U Beervana

Science Nation: Batty for Bats

Science Nation: Skin Electronics

Sizzles and Original Concepts

Travel Original: On Location Sample

Food/Travel Pilot: Southern Scoops

NASCAR Pilot: Shut Up and Drive

Contemporary Living Network: Parties By Number Sizzle

Contemporary Living Network: The Book Nook

Contemporary Living Network: Ice Cream Nation Chapter 2

Animation and Graphics

Peachy Keen

This History of Cocktails

Chiffon Cake

Tort(illa) Reform

Atlanta Business League: 80th Retrospective


History of the Pretzel

Atlanta Hawks 360 Open


Commercial: Bridgetsone Golf – Explosive Speed

PSA: Fix Georgia Pets :30

PSA: Georgia Care Connection

New Orleans Hornets “I’m In” :60

PSA: Fix Georgia Pets :15

New Orleans Hornets “I’m In” :30

Show Open: Atlanta Hawks 360

PSA: Pilots N Paws

Long Form Storytelling (documentaries, episodic series)

This American Land (PBS): Rocky Mountain Gas

Documentary Trailer: Yoopera!

This American Land (PBS): Rocky Mountain Gas

Documentary: Dark Forest Black Fly (trailer)

This American Land (PBS): Season Three Trailer

This American Land (PBS): Episode 208

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