“Biscardi Creative Media provides an excellent combination of a fun, relaxed environment with a high degree of professionalism, experience, and first rate work.” – Bram Desmet, President & General Manager, Flanders Scientific, Inc.

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You have media production needs and we’re going to make it easier than ever to meet those needs. MOD stands for Media On Demand!

MOD Production Packages by BCM allow us to be your in-house video marketing team, your very own MOD Squad. Multiple packages are available with flexible payment plans ranging from one-time payments to monthly retainer fees.

When a project need arises, we give you the budgetary amount that will be deducted from your account and we produce the project.  From concept to final delivery.  Easy and efficient.  We get right to work on your project in a matter of minutes instead of days.

That’s it.    No pressure.    You call.     We respond!

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Countdown to Summer Sale Now On!  Up to 50% discount for contracts signed through July 8, 2016. Call today for details!

$25,000 Contract: Client receives 5% off in-house services*

$50,000 Contract: Client receives 10% off in-house services*

$75,000 Contract: Client receives 12% off in-house services*

$100,000 Contract: Client receives 15% off in-house services*

$150,000 Contract: Client receives 20% off in-house services*

$200,000+ Contract: Client receives 25% off in-house services*

*Call for full details

You have media needs, we have the solution. So let’s get to the fun part. . . Creating!


For details or to book your contract call Kelly

770-271-3427 or kelly@biscardicreative.com