Our 5 days of principal production has been completed on the Gwinnett County Water Science project featuring 3 scripts inspired by Bill Nye Science Guy!   After 3 days in our main ‘studio’ location in a high school laboratory, we spent a full day at Lanier Islands Resort utilizing their PineIsle location.  It was perfect for what we needed with plenty of shoreline and we were well away from the main activities of the resort so it was quiet and we were out of the way.   Day 5 was spent on the Lake itself and we finally ended up at one of the water treatment facilities.

Final Tally for the Week:  5 days.  4 Principal Locations.  127 Scenes.   Yep, you read that right.  127 Scenes shot for three videos in one week.  That’s the nature of emulating Bill Nye’s show, a LOT of cuts and a lot of variations on the same shot.  We finished one hour early on Wednesday and Thursday and we finished 3 hours early on Friday.

How were we able to do that?  A young, energetic crew and most importantly, our host, Ian Gregg.  Ian was able to memorize complex dialogue so quickly we could roll through scenes and multiple takes in a hurry.     I’ll have a full article coming soon on the entire process from start to finish, but that will come after we complete Post.   For now, here’s more images from one incredible shoot.   If you missed the first blog on this shoot, check it out here.

Oh and if you need a versatile outdoor location for filming, Lanier Islands Resort was so accommodating and they have so many places to shoot from shoreline to forest types of places to the pools to the hotels to the trails, golf and so much more.   Definitely look them up for great outdoor and indoor locations.