The Creative Hub Atlanta – A Co-Op Workspace for Creatives

‘The Creative Hub’ from Biscardi Creative Media Launches in Atlanta

A Co-Op Creative Space Designed for Indie and Home Based Filmmakers

August 4, 2015; Atlanta, GA; – The Creative Hub is now open in the Atlanta area bringing the co-op workspace to the digital creative industry.  Targeted to the indie filmmakers and home based video producers, The Creative Hub lives inside the film and television production facility of Biscardi Creative Media (BCM).
“I’ve had this concept for a while to bring the co-op workspace to the creative industry,” notes BCM Founder, Walter Biscardi, Jr.   “My company started in a spare bedroom of the house 14 years ago and there were times I really could have used a conference room, screening room or even a mixing room, but the costs were always outside of my budgets.  We have an awesome facility here at BCM so we thought we’d create an economical and fun workspace for the new digital workforce.”
The Creative Hub operates similar to co-op offices that offer low-cost hourly to monthly rentals of office and meeting space.  Here you’ll find fully furnished creatives suites with  Flanders Scientific reference monitors for editing, graphics and animation; ProTools 5.1 surround sound mixing theater with Genelec reference monitors; color grading suite with Tangent Element control surfaces and Flanders Scientific OLED reference monitor,: screening room with 8 foot screen and a conference room with 30 feet of cork board to hang your storyboards and planning.  The screening room can also be configured as a classroom for workshops for up to 18 people.  There are also fully furnished offices, Rebecca’s Atomic Lounge and of course, the great private backyard.
“We looked at the co-op concept and adopted a similar pricing strategy to allow indie filmmakers and those working from home to access to tools, office and creative spaces when they need them, but at a really reasonable price,” says Biscardi.  “For instance a fully outfitted edit suite with the workstation, Adobe Creative Suite and a Flanders Scientific reference monitor only runs $100/day.  Or you can bring your own system in and just connect up to the reference monitor and sound.”
Biscardi also hopes to create more collaboration with the new venture by bringing together creatives to ‘hang out’ in The Hub and bounce ideas off each other.  He knows firsthand that while it’s nice to be able to work at home, better ideas seem to happen when you can share ideas with other creatives.  “Asking a colleague to ‘come look at this’ always seems to to lead to better ideas,” say Biscardi.  “That’s ultimately what we hope The Creative Hub will lead to.  Folks coming together in a fun collaborative space to create awesome with a little help from their peers.”
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About The Creative Hub

Located in Metro-Atlanta, GA, The Creative Hub is the creative workplace, a digital playground dedicated to the new creative workforce.   We provide the space and the technology for you to work productively and grow your business.   The Hub seeks to foster collaboration by bringing creatives of multiple disciplines together under one roof.

About Biscardi Creative Media

Located in Metro-Atlanta, GA, Biscardi Creative Media is a full service script-to-screen creation company at the forefront of creative media production. Emmy-award winning broadcast programming, episodics, commercials, feature films and industrial productions are some of the projects our storytellers bring to the screen every day.


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