We recently got the opportunity to work on an awesome Bridgestone Golf project led by Producer Dana Popoff of Popoff Enterprises.  She came to us with a spot for their JGR line of golf clubs that had been produced by a Japanese agency.   Our task was to reversion the spot for the US market while maintaining the high production values and strong pacing of the original.   “The original spot was so well produced, we had to make sure we not only re-versioned it for the US market, but did justice to the work of the original artists,” notes BCM Principal, Walter Biscardi, Jr.

Biscardi started by bringing the spot into Adobe Premiere Pro and re-timing the spot with the new music from The License Lab“We love LOVE the License Lab both for their high quality music and their searches,” said Biscardi.  Matt Fischer and his team at the License Lab listened to the original spot and in short order sent 12 cuts with similar energy to choose from.   It’s huge to have a service like that because Walter was able to move ahead to start creating the new graphics instead of spending time looking for music.

With the spot re-timed to the new music it was on to the motion graphics and style.  Biscardi utilized a lot of elements from Rampant Design Tools“The spot is essentially comparing the golfer’s swing to an automobile engine revving up and then accelerating.  Rampant has oodles of great elements including light flares, sparks, smoke and light leak film elements that really enhance that metaphor of the the swing and the club as an engine,” said Biscardi.   Some 20 elements from Rampant were blended together to create the final look with the Rampant Impact Lights allowing for seamless transitions between the original spot and the newly created elements.

The motion graphic elements were created in Adobe After Effects with everything built in 3D space.  Even though all the elements were 2D, working in 3D space adds tremendous creative options with the lighting effects and camera movements.  Text and other elements gain a sense of depth when lighting effects are applied.   Some grunge from Rampant Design along with texture effects were applied to the words to give them more energy.

The biggest challenge was showing the acceleration of ball down the golf course fairway.  There was no actual video shot of a golf course fairway.  Breaking down the original spot, we realized that scene was built from multiple still images and then composited to look like it was video.  So Walter went back to his animation roots and created a new composite using nearly a dozen images from Pond 5.   “Pond 5 is our go-to stock library as they not only have a ton of images, but their still images are really high quality and so reasonably priced,” said Biscardi.   The scene was again built in 3D space using multiple layers of trees, sky and fairways.  Motion blur and camera shake complete the illusion of motion.

Biscardi got a huge assist from Rampant Design’s Sean Mullen with making the ball shatter the screen.  “In the original spot you didn’t actually see the ball shatter the screen, so I wanted to make sure the ball came from behind the camera and shattered the screen on its way down the fairway.”  Mullen and Biscardi worked together to make the ball come through with a lot of energy as it powers down the fairway.

The final touches for the spot was adding grain and color grading to match the original along with a fantastic audio mix from Company 3 adding some great SFX to further enhance the automotive metaphor.

This was definitely a challenging but super fun spot for us to be a part of. Thanks to the strong production tools from The License Lab and Rampant Design Tools, the project came off flawlessly.  We were thrilled to not only be able to provide the spot for Dana and the Bridgestone Golf team, but to get the tremendous feedback from the clients really makes it all worthwhile.