“4k” and “Ultra-High Definition” are more than just buzzwords today.  For elevating your brand marketing and messaging, they should an essential part of your strategy.

First off, what exactly is 4k and Ultra-High Definition?   When we talk about video production and televisions, we’re actually describing pixel dimensions, the height and width of the image.  The high definition television you might have at home today is most likely a 1080p model, the screen displays 1920 pixels across and 1080 pixels vertically.

For the purposes of video production, 4k and Ultra-High Definition are essentially the same thing with slight differences in the image width.  A 4k / Ultra-High Definition television displays 3840 pixels across and 2160 pixels vertically.   Here’s a handy image to show the difference.

As you can see, the Ultra-High definition image is equal to four HD images. True 4000 pixels across is achieved on some cameras, which we’ll discuss shortly.   The image quality achieved in 4k UHD video production is far superior to that of standard HD cameras.   The best way I can describe it is that the 4k UHD video looks like a window and the element is right there behind the window.  It’s that sharp and rich with a level of depth that used to be only available with film.

So how do we elevate your brand with 4k UHD?  First, we shoot everything in Cinema Mode with true Cinema Lenses.   Both elements work together to emulate the richness of film, giving your work a cinematic look.  They add a clarity, depth and richness to your image that is far and above what “standard HD cameras” can provide.


Blackmagic Design 4k Cinema Camera with a Sigma 24 – 104mm Art Lens.


Click to see the full resolution 4k frame. (it could take a few moments to open, it’s a large file)

Notice in the image above how the camera is tightly focused only in the center.  The foreground and background being out of focus adds a tremendous depth to the image and gives it a cinematic quality.   We can focus the audience’s attention to specific details and offer a wide canvas for your product and story.

Next we use a super high quality recording format called RAW which records the media as individual 300dpi 4000 x 2160 images.  24 images per second of video (at 24 frames per second).   10MB per frame, 240MB per second, 14.4GB per minute.   This offers incredible detail and quality in the video and offers you literally thousands of print quality still images from a 4k UHD video shoot.  Repurpose any image for all manner of collateral and marketing, essentially performing a still and video shoot with the same camera.   Click to see the full resolution of the following images and remember, this is NOT still photography, these are still images from moving video.

Click to see the full resolution 4k frame.

Click to see the full resolution 4k frame. (it could take a few moments to open, it’s a large file)


Click to see the full resolution 4k frame. (it could take a few moments to open, it’s a large file)


Click to see the full resolution 4k frame. (it could take a few moments to open, it’s a large file)

Finally, we edit and manipulate the imagery to give you incredible material that sells your brand.

On the trade show floor or at special events, 4k UHD imagery pops in all image sizes from 50” screens to 100 foot projection or digital walls.  There’s that window, almost 3D aspect to the image that just isn’t available in HD photography.

However, shooting 4k gives all all sorts of options for presentations in HD.  In HD, the imagery can be manipulated to zero in on specific details.  Remember when we started this article, I told you that the UHD image is the size of four HD images combined.   So look at that amazing steak here.

Steak_4kto HD Frame

You can see how much of the steak is available beyond the frame in HD.  So we can either scale the image down so you can see the entire steak in HD like you saw it earlier in the article.  Or, we can leave the steak full sized and simply reposition it in the frame to get an incredibly detailed image of the cook on that steak, like below.


I’ll remind you again, this is not still photography, this is a single frame of extremely high quality, high resolution 4k Ultra High Definition video.

One production, many repurpose possibilities, ultra high quality imagery and storytelling to elevate your brand.  Call us today and let’s talk about how Biscardi Creative Media can add ultra high quality storytelling to your brand.


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