Open Casting Call for 7 foot (or taller) Featured Extra.

Biscardi Creative Media: Open (video) Casting Call for Corporate Training Project – Seeking 7 foot (or taller) Male or Female featured extra.

ATLANTA / BUFORD – Biscardi Creative Media is hosting a search to find a featured extra for an upcoming corporate training project.  The project, featuring humor to discuss factory safety, is in need of a 7 foot (or taller) ‘heard but never seen’ “Too Tall” character. We’ll never see your face and you won’t have any speaking lines, but you’ll be part of the on-screen comedy interacting with the primary host.

This is a video only casting call, please upload your videos and then provide the links to our Producers (email provided below). If possible, please shoot yourself next to someone around 6 foot tall or something 6 foot tall for reference. Casting producers are looking for a Male or Female, age 21 – 50 who will be heard but never seen. You will NOT be speaking nor will your face appear on camera. You’ll be acting with your arms and hands only.   We are casting one individual.

Please include your height with all headshots and note you MUST be 21 or older to participate in this shoot. No one under the age of 21 is permitted in this location.

Who:               Biscardi Creative Media What:              Casting Call – Seeking Male or Female age 21-50 who is 7 foot or taller. Where:           Video only. Please send links to casting producer, email below. Contact: Deadline:         Friday, March 25, 2016 at 5pm EST. Video Location: The project will shoot in Buford, GA in late March or early April. One full day. Pay:                 $350 for the day.

To Prepare:  Just tell us who you are, how tall you are and a few fun facts about you.

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If you are not local, please do not apply.  Transportation and lodging for out of state / out of town actors will NOT be provided.