Transition: Move FCP Project to Adobe Premiere

As we look elsewhere for another NLE to take over where Final Cut Pro 7 leaves off, I’ll be posting a series of entries detailing what we’re doing, what we’re looking at and ultimately why we made the decision we made.   Yes Final Cut Pro 7 still works in our shop today and for short term future, but it is no longer sold by Apple and it is quite inefficient at handling newer digital codecs.  So I’ve been planning to move away from FCP 7 for about 6 months now and was hoping that maybe, just maybe Final Cut Pro 10 would have been the answer.  It’s not.   We will certainly keep an eye on it as it matures (again) but for now, we must move on.

First up on the testing is Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5.5.  Why?  Well two reasons, one – we already own it as we have the Adobe Premium Production bundle on all our systems.   Two – it already supports the AJA Kona boards which we have installed on most all our systems.

So this morning I did a very simple but VERY important first test.   How easy / hard is it to get a Final Cut Pro project into Adobe Premiere?  One of the big shortcomings of Final Cut Pro X is the fact that it cannot simply open an earlier Final Cut Pro project.   Strange but true.   Instead of turning this into an article, I decided to make a video blog showing the test and the result.



  1. This is awesome! I have hundreds of FCP projects and not opening them in FCPX is a huge pain. I’ll be watching your progress very closely. not in a creepy way though. We have a Kona lhe board for our setup here so I’m headed to your Kona post next.

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